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Today’s Point-Of-Sale systems are much more than a cash register.

POS systems have become an interactive conduit between customers and retailers. POS systems display items and price, calculate taxes, process returns and voids, produce sales reports, and more. They quickly and accurately collect sales and customer information to help make better informed decisions.
POS systems have evolved into an essential data-collection and information-dissemination device that can help an operation run more efficiently and deliver better customer service.
As a premier systems integrator, New Technology Networks has a long established reputation for excellence in systems integration services. We have been delivering point-of-sale solutions for over Fifteen years. We specialize in custom solutions where particular attention is placed on the execution and delivery of a well-defined project plan.  Our services include installation of components, configuration, loading software applications, loading the operating system, testing, and system burn-in.
Our ability to provide POS hardware and software solutions, in addition to providing systems integration services, is a significant advantage to our customers. Products are evaluated and recommended with the foresight and understanding of the total solution and ultimate goal of the customer. We take total ownership of the project with one point of accountability. New Technology Networks provides the consulting services, the required hardware and/or software, the integration services, and the project management necessary to deliver the latest in in-store technology to large restaurants & retail chains.
We specialize in technology solutions for the hospitality and retail industries combining best of breed software, hardware and the know-how to provide you with the data and control needed to succeed in today’s fast paced technology induced economy. Our solutions are centered around carefully chosen Point of Sale software and hardware with additional tools to assist with business communication and your marketing efforts.
Our training and support is second to none. We understand that our solutions are a vital part to the operation of your business and your business is a vital part to the operation of ours. We are here to work with our customers to achieve mutual success and nothing less. If you'd like to learn more, please visit our dedicated point of sale website - www.nt-pos.com.
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