Desktop & Server Virtualization Infrastructure: Changing the game!

Traditional desktops and servers require your company to manage a wide variety of client form factors, multiple generations of operating systems, and hundreds of applications. They need constant maintenance and support to repair problems and retain compliance with corporate security policy.

Desktop virtualization helps eliminate these traditional challenges. Virtual desktops provide users with a high-definition desktop experience that they can access from anywhere on any client device. They’re also far easier to provision and manage than physical desktop machines.

NT Networks Inc.

Server virtualization brings positive transformations, such as reduced hardware costs, improved server provisioning and deployment, better disaster recovery solutions, efficient and economic use of energy. Virtual server can be spun up in minutes and can be hosted both locally and in the cloud. This removes the unnecessarily long process of rebuilding and recovering single physical servers. We work with partners that provide server recovery times of just several minutes using their hosted cloud solutions.

New Technology Networks helps organizations move forward and eliminate the challenges of traditional desktop & server management. We’ll work with you to understand your users’ environment and quickly prepare a strategy to transition your legacy user environment into a virtualized scalable infrastructure that you can build upon.