Email: Perhaps the most neglected part of a business, is also it's most important!

Email has evolved and whether you like it or not your business depends on this basic essential tool to get things done in the day-to-day. Employees should have the freedom to access contacts, calendars, clients, and most importantly their emails from every device at their disposal.

With our email migration services to Exchange Online we plan and execute a data move custom tailored to your business while at the same time preventing downtime of your employees and manually handling all transfers to guarantee 100% accuracy of your new and improved mailbox.

NT Networks Inc.

Microsoft Exchange Online combined with Office 365 suite will maximize the productivity of your employees and give you the needed flexibility to continue expanding your business. Let New Technology Networks help you take advantage of the many benefits of Microsoft Exchange Online:

  • New users/mailboxes added in just a few minutes
  • Fixed monthly cost
  • 99.99% uptime with Microsoft Exchange Online
  • Automatic Email backup
  • Share calendars/mailboxes/contacts with your entire organization
  • Grant "send as" permissions to another mailbox
  • Built-in spam filtering