Unify your home or office with a single network connecting all of your smart devices.

Wireless networks are complex signal broadcasting systems that depend upon a variety of factors Materials that are reflective, metallic, magnetic or generally thick will cause you to experience low signal strength and spotty connectivity.

Let New Technology Networks send one of our trained network professionals to examine your home or office and determine the weak spots in Wi-Fi signal and to strategically place access points throughout the property to maximize your signal strength and data throughput.

NT Networks Inc.

A good wireless network means you no longer have to rely on spotty cell service to make or receive those important phone calls. Let your phone do the work when you walk from one area of the home or office to another and switch you to the strongest WAP (Wireless Access Point). With our professional installation you will see only one SSID (Wireless Network Name) throughout your house so you won't ever need to manually switch wireless networks again.

With the overwhelming number of devices found in our homes today it doesn't make sense to continue using outdated networking equipment. We want home technology to be mobile, fast, flexible and convenient. We can connect all of your devices allowing you to easily share your music, files, videos and games on one network.